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  1. Cain was the keynote speaker at the closing banquet.
  2. The tournament begins with an opening banquet, and concludes with a closing banquet / awards ceremony.
  3. You get a few meal coupons and tickets to parties, the main-event auction and an elaborate closing banquet.
  4. As mega-lawyer Johnnie Cochran walked his way through a speech at the convention's closing banquet, a New York reporter yawned over his salmon.
  5. Finally Zhou himself helped to smooth matters, and at the closing banquet the president is described as getting happily tipsy from all the toasts.
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  7. After all, he did propose to her at the closing banquet of the 2000 World Championships on the romantic French Riviera and they got married the following spring.
  8. India's delegation to a Southeast Asian security conference joked about its nuclear weapons testing in a song parody prepared for performance Tuesday night at the forum's closing banquet.
  9. At the closing banquet, it is the tradition of the college that, during the singing of " O Sodales ", the graduating students stand on chairs facing west toward North America.
  10. The two men do not notice him until the very end when he finally attracts Obelix's attention at the closing banquet and is given a pat on the head and a bone.
  11. There are other side events, such as mini-tournaments in eight-ball and nine-ball ( usually limited to 16 players, one-on-one ), trick shot challenges, instructional seminars, an grand opening party and a closing banquet.
  12. However, the organizer for the closing banquet refused to honor the reservations of these four mathematicians . ( Letters in Science, August 10, 1951, pp . 161 162 spell out the details ).
  13. It is regularly sung at special events at the American College during the academic year, especially at the opening banquet in the autumn, the college's patronal feast of the Immaculate Conception on December 8, and the closing banquet in June.

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