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  1. "We're a real close band, " adds singer-guitarist Tim Armstrong.
  2. Closed Band is a searchable group, but only joined members can see the content.
  3. These ratings had to agree within a close band, otherwise the sequence was not used.
  4. The closest bands are circles, but further out they become pear shaped with the narrow part pointing to the saddle.
  5. In 2008, The Chapman Family performed at the Glastonbury Festival, In 2008, the band were chosen as one of the closing bands for the Manchester In The City music conference, along with The Fratellis.
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  7. We're a very close band but it was even more of a bonding experience in the recording studio, where we had to motivate each other to do our best and I think it's paid off ".
  8. The path to a suicide bombing usually passes through membership in a small, highly disciplined and closed band of militants, where the individual loses himself in the group through total identification with its cause, the doctors said.
  9. Scruffy was personally chosen by Ms . Bouley to be the closing band as she had a long relationship with the band, who played her venue multiple times per year in the 80's when she was getting started.

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