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  1. It details opening and closing balances for transacted items as well.
  2. And we've got to bring that back into closer balance ."
  3. The Gilded Age was marked by close balances in the House, with the parties alternating control.
  4. That close balance, nationwide and in Missouri, led directly to the notion that this final meeting could be decisive.
  5. Approval for opposition Labor leader Simon Crean rose two points in the close balanced electorates, from 26 percent to 28 percent.
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  7. The levels of these four ions in the blood are usually kept in close balance by the kidneys and endocrine system.
  8. "My So-Called Life " focuses on teen times, but it manages a reasonably close balance between a pair of generationally divided questions:
  9. Among his highest priorities, Fong includes increased spending on the military, a flat income tax and a closer balance between environmental and economic policy.
  10. Due to the closer balance between the two parties in the House, the Republican leadership worked hard to limit the number of defections from conservative Republicans.
  11. Its solvency became evident in 1981 when the group finished with a closing balance of Rs . 21, 000 /-after giving parting gifts to all its artists.
  12. The close balance between the parties, particularly in the U . S . House, makes bipartisanship at a certain level inescapable, just to get essential things done.
  13. This caused an uproar in Estonian political analysis landscape, but due to the very close balance of power in Tallinn city council, Keskerakond was hesitant in letting Reinmann resign.
  14. In between, however, most major gauges moved steadily higher, despite the close balance between the number of advances and declines, 1, 645 to 1, 391, respectively, on the New York Stock Exchange.
  15. Previous albums had a reasonably close balance of songwriting and singing duties between Matt Scannell and Keith Kane, but " Everything You Want " featured Scannell writing and handling lead vocals on ten of the eleven tracks.
  16. Despite the excruciatingly close balance of power resulting from the November elections, Bush's inauguration as the 43rd president on Saturday will be the first time since 1955 that Democrats control neither the White House nor even one chamber of Congress.
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