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  1. Jurors were expected to begin deliberations Wednesday after closing arguments are complete.
  2. Leitner said during closing arguments of the punishment phase of the trial.
  3. He also appeared to fight back tears during the closing arguments.
  4. Either party may waive their opportunity to present a closing argument.
  5. He was the last witness to appear before closing arguments Wednesday.
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  7. The Naha District Court heard the closing arguments against Marine Pfc.
  8. Closing arguments before Justice Leland DeGrasse will take place on Thursday.
  9. Closing arguments in the penalty phase are scheduled to begin today.
  10. His jury began deliberations Tuesday afternoon after closing arguments from attorneys.
  11. Pinar said in closing arguments Thursday at the Hamburg state court.
  12. Robinson will hear closing arguments in the case Feb . 22.
  13. Philip Morris Inc . attorney Dan Webb said in closing arguments.
  14. Closing arguments in the Tadic trial are scheduled for late November.
  15. Prosecutors and defense lawyers finished six days of closing arguments Wednesday.
  16. They expected closing arguments and anticipated a verdict later on Friday.
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