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  1. In 1492, Gerard Depardieu discovers America, announcing his discovery in heavily French-accented English : " Dee lund eez closh ."
  2. :Between its junction with M50 at Templeogue in the county of South Dublin and its junction with N80 at Closh Cross in the county of Carlow via Tallaght Bypass, Blessington Road, Jobstown, Gibbons, Corbally, Crooksling and Brittas in the county of South Dublin : Moanaspick, Tinode; Main Street at Blessington; and Burgage More in the county of Wicklow : Glebe East in the county of Kildare : Burgage Moyle and Russborough in the county of Wicklow; Bishopslane and Horsepasstown in the county of Kildare : Poulaphoca Bridge at the boundary between the county of Kildare and the county of Wicklow : Hollywood Lower, Hollywood Cross, Whitestown, Castleruddery; Mill Street and Edward Street at Baltinglass; and Holdenstown Lower in the county of Wicklow : Bough, Rathvilly, Kilmagarvoge; Dublin Road, Church Street, Market Square, Bridge Street and Abbey Street in the town of Tullow; and Castlegrace in the county of Carlow.
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