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"closeup" meaning  "closeup" in Chinese  
  1. No closeups of throbbing, bloody things on the operating table.
  2. This is a closeup of the top end of the graph.
  3. The cameras took a video and audio closeup of them singing.
  4. A closeup shows him giving Kees an injection in the left arm.
  5. Too many closeups give the action an almost claustrophobic feel.
  6. It's difficult to find closeup in a sentence.
  7. And lots of long, long, closeups of Strug.
  8. The camera would have provided viewers with a closeup of the race.
  9. He's still clutching the microphone and waiting for his closeup.
  10. "Let's get Jeri's closeup,"
  11. In closeup, he addresses an interviewer slightly off camera.
  12. In one closeup, among the people running was Spider-Man.
  13. It depicts a closeup of Villeneuve behind the wheel of his Ferrari.
  14. No one did, though TV was quick to get a closeup.
  15. The Mamiya TLRs also employ bellows focusing, making extreme closeups possible.
  16. Split-screen is used extensively, along with extremely tight closeups.
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