closeup view in a sentence

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  1. Closeup view of her well deck area, from the port side.
  2. A trip to Wilderstein on the outskirts of town gives a closeup view of the Hudson.
  3. Consider a pair of small binoculars to get a closeup view of the pit road and accidents.
  4. Col . John R . Bourgeois has had a closeup view at the White House for 38 years.
  5. The pond can be crossed via a suspension bridge or by boat to allow a closeup view of the fish-eating reptiles.
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  7. Unlike other tourists, Clinton was permitted to go down into the pit for a closeup view, reaching up to touch the face of one soldier.
  8. Marlin fans now will be asked to fork over a major-league-leading $ 40 for a box seat if they want a closeup view of all those millionaires plying their trade.
  9. On the one hand, there were the two young dudes who sat four rows from the screen, the better to get a closeup view of any mayhem wreaked by their hero.
  10. John Wallach, a foreign correspondent whose closeup views of Middle East violence inspired him to gather teenagers from warring lands at a serene camp in Maine called Seeds of Peace, has died.
  11. It gives a closeup view of the naval battle, with hand-to-hand combat taking place in the left foreground and an English ship on fire and keeling over in the centre of the painting.
  12. The only glitch : as the president's motorcade headed toward Heathrow Airport, it was blocked for five minutes by a raised drawbridge, giving the Clintons a closeup view of lights reflecting off the Thames.
  13. Landing at the airport from the east offers closeup views of skyscrapers, Petco Park ( home of the San Diego Padres ), the San Diego Bay, and the San Diego Coronado Bridge from the left side of the aircraft . On the right, Panama-California Exposition, can be seen.
  14. He further comments, " The pair utilized a video screen behind them for retrospective moments, showing family photos and highlights from their career, as well as two big screens on either side of the stage that allowed an appreciative crowd of about 5, 000 a chance to enjoy closeup views of the performers ".

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