closeup shot in a sentence

"closeup shot" in Chinese  
  1. For fast food, it's a closeup shot of a hamburger ."
  2. And it was too hard to get closeup shots.
  3. :Looks like a closeup shot of some animal's mouth.
  4. For the Borg battle, Knoll insisted on closeup shots that were near the alien vessel, necessitating a physical model.
  5. When Coight meets a new character the program will cut to a closeup shot of their " handshake ".
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  7. The cover of the commercial release features a closeup shot of the black front end of a 50's Cadillac standing on flatland.
  8. The treatment starts with water being released down the aqueduct, followed by closeup shots of Anggun focusing on her eyes and mouth.
  9. It was only the cumulative amount of nudity and the closeup shots of the pelvic area that brought about the X decision.
  10. The video begins with a closeup shot of Katy's face, surrounded by alternating red and blue lights, as she mouths the song's lyrics.
  11. Prior to the game, viewers will have to endure closeup shots of tearful New Yorkers looking skyward as the Stanley Cup banner is raised.
  12. I can even selectively rebuild some bluescreen elements with 3-D tools ( e . g . a closeup shot of the Star Destroyer ).
  13. The twin sisters, Lisa-Kainde and Naomi Diaz, appear in a closeup shot throughout, taking turns having their heads forced underwater while the other sings.
  14. The video for the hit song " Thillana Thillana " became famous for the belly dance of Meena featuring a lot of closeup shots of her navel.
  15. The opening sequences for the first four seasons included a closeup shot of Flex, Breanna and Arnaz before cutting back to a shot of the entire cast.
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