closets in a sentence

"closets" in Chinese  
  1. So people are going to their closets instead of department stores.
  2. Prejza ripped out the hallway, the closet and the bathroom.
  3. One will have to live in the walk-in closet.
  4. Gymnasiums, auditoriums, even closets have been converted to classrooms.
  5. "Skeletons in my closet ? " he said.
  6. It's difficult to find closets in a sentence.
  7. They're hustling out of the closet on platform shoes.
  8. Eloise, at last report, was cowering in a closet.
  9. Her husband secretly videotaped the goings-on from a closet.
  10. I found this broom closet upstairs, and I stepped in.
  11. So on Sunday, I went back to the broom closet.
  12. Women look in their closets and they see black and beige.
  13. He keeps a pulsating, blobby food source in his closet.
  14. So the pharmacy is a refrigerator in an old linen closet.
  15. Do you want everything in your closet to smell like that?
  16. Winter clothes come out of the closet on Oct . 1.
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