closetlike in a sentence

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  1. In a closetlike room at the " Leg Lab " here, salamanders stare blankly out of clear plastic drinking cups.
  2. And four hours of her morning is consumed with writing a set number of pages or paragraphs in the closetlike study outside her bedroom.
  3. In the painting's side panels, terror as usual reigns : faceless men and women, jammed into closetlike torture chambers, are humiliated and maimed.
  4. And, of his closetlike cubicle in the Tower's lobby, crammed with magazines and phone books and a seating chart of the city's theaters:
  5. It is January, and she is standing in a small, closetlike recording booth in Midtown Manhattan, where she is recording part of her first album for J Records.
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  7. A ticket booth from the 1896 Games and a camera used during the competition are shoved forlornly in a closetlike space, without explanation . ( Several legends seem to be missing .)
  8. In the closetlike cubicles in their dorms, over dinners of vegetarian Ethiopian stew, or sitting around the 80-acre campus _ amid the meditators, massage classes and wildlife trackers _ they strummed and hummed.
  9. A closetlike room outside their classroom has been soundproofed to make a place where an aide can calm them for a few minutes if the classroom noise becomes too upsetting, or the boys'behavior becomes too upsetting to the class.
  10. In a narrow air shaft in the middle of the building, the 70-foot tower of the drill rig was being put together like a giant fishing rod _ if you can imagine putting together a 62-ton rod in an enclosed, closetlike space.
  11. A final, cramped, closetlike room called the " intensive care unit " held two more victims of the bombing attack _ a moaning 16-year-old girl with a shattered arm and ten shards of shrapnel embedded in her shoulder and an unconscious 2-year old girl.
  12. If you've elected to be sequestered on a train for days on end, assigned to one of the closetlike sleeping compartments, this might take the edge off the claustrophobia : plush chairs for reading or gazing out the window, and a downstairs theater for video movies on a large screen.

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