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  1. For now, Gingrich is closeting himself away from the media and the public.
  2. Aristide said, before closeting himself with Remy.
  3. Women are closeting themselves indoors, fearful of the gangsters and louts swaggering through the streets.
  4. The artists then may or may not dry the grass by closeting it with a dehumidifier that sucks the water out.
  5. As far as the sources say, his closeting seems to have been a secret between him, his boyfriend, and his confessor.
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  7. After closeting himself away from voters who elected him prime minister to cobble together a government coalition, Ehud Barak issued a brief statement when the work was completed.
  8. This vision, shared by the Taliban who have banned non-religious education for girls and prohibited television, borrows from Pashtun culture, and its fondness for weapons and closeting women.
  9. On the personal front, she regrets nothing, particularly not her decision to defy the advice of closeting her sexuality for the sake of a better public image and bigger clout in the marketplace.
  10. Closeting himself with his colleagues in an apartment for three hot summer months, he worked with them to develop a prototype of a firewall security program that served as a basis for their company.
  11. Later still, from the Middle Ages up to the turn of the 20th century, an increased sense of modesty was probably responsible for the continued closeting of feet, both male and female.
  12. So I took a timid retreat, closeting my own 12-gauge shotgun and trying to shut away some emotions, which still emerge from time to time out of some dark forest of memory.
  13. Hounded by the problems, Arroyo, a Catholic, traveled last week to a pine-clad presidential retreat in the cool, northern mountain resort city of Baguio to ponder her political career, closeting herself for prayers.
  14. After closeting himself with advisers over the weekend, the Republican presidential candidate, with the help of his wife, Elizabeth Hanford Dole, spent an hour on CNN's " Larry King Live, " trying to sweep away more than two weeks worth of gaffes in a friendly setting.
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