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  1. The clerk in the drugstore could be the kid next door.
  2. Shop clerks now fret if a traveler lingers in their store.
  3. Over the weekend, clerks in Toys " R"
  4. The clerk had said there was nobody registered by that name.
  5. If the clerk smiled back, I didn't notice.
  6. It's difficult to find clerk in a sentence.
  7. -- No more surly store clerks, waiters or waitresses.
  8. The limited preparation shows in the eyes of every temporary clerk.
  9. More significantly, the clerks do not report to the traders.
  10. Or when clerks offered to help you track down an item?
  11. One veteran clerk said sales were the slowest in 20 years.
  12. Currently, goods are put on the shelves by union clerks.
  13. The cause of death was cancer, his law clerks said.
  14. Large envelopes must be opened one at a time by clerks.
  15. Bullock is lonely, Chicago El train ticket clerk Lucy Moderatz.
  16. It's an Apollo spacesuit, the store clerk confirmed.
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