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  1. The workers also found a slave tag, some bottles and clay pipes.
  2. In Los Angeles Hamilton began manufacturing pottery, clay pipe, tile and bricks.
  3. "In the old days they used to use clay pipe, " he said.
  4. In 1921, the clay pipes in ornate designs from native clays.
  5. For this reason, clay pipes in particular are often held by the stem.
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  7. Clay pipes on the sides called tuy鑢es would be used to control oxygen flow.
  8. Adolph Christiernin bought the property in 1759 and continued clay pipe production until 1766.
  9. Monongahela pottery and tools were well crafted and included decorated clay pipes for smoking.
  10. Children graze cattle, teen-agers play cricket, elders smoke clay pipes.
  11. Ian Caruana unearthed several 17th-century Tyneside clay pipes at Cumdivock.
  12. When he was a young man, he invented the color changing clay pipe trick.
  13. His once-omnipresent clay pipe is mostly gone from current representations; Santa has become politically correct.
  14. A former clay pipe factory on Springfield Road has been closed and replaced by housing.
  15. The artifacts found consisted of clay pipe fragments, gun flints, datable pottery, glass and nails.
  16. The aqueduct is mostly of clay pipes with two large spiral towers to release air.
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