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  1. Clausal nominals are such things as sentential subjects and compliments.
  2. This book explores East Armenian clausal nominalizations that are based on the Armenian infinitive.
  3. They may also function as clausal predicates.
  4. Relative clauses on A use clausal nominalisation.
  5. In clausal logic, an SLD refutation demonstrates that the input set of clauses is unsatisfiable.
  6. It's difficult to find clausal in a sentence.
  7. Sakayan contrasts Armenian clausal nominalizations with their semantic counterparts in a selective number of European languages.
  8. Occasionally, marked surface clausal configurations provide some evidence of a more formal, or poetic, register.
  9. A final group of suffixes that pertain to clausal relations can follow the tense-aspect-modal suffixes.
  10. Various languages have been shown to have clausal nominal TAM . In the Guaymi ( Panama and Costa Rica ).
  11. However, the first proposal to use the clausal form of logic for representing computer programs was made by Cordell Green.
  12. The connectedness conditions, when applied to the propositional ( clausal ) case, make the resulting calculus non-confluent.
  13. That is, the inter-clausal temporality and switch reference relate the current clause to the one that follows it.
  14. In Coast Salish languages, all but Squamish feature subject-predicate mirroring  a sort of clausal concord  in person and number.
  15. In " clausal nominal TAM ", the noun indicates TAM information about the clause ( as opposed to the noun phrase ).
  16. Whether or not a particular language can best be understood as having clausal nominal TAM can be controversial, and there are various borderline cases.
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