claims in a sentence

"claims" in Chinese  
  1. Yet the guidelines have not resulted in any increase in claims.
  2. Or at least they claim they can't do it.
  3. Sexual discrimination, however, was a claim raised and resolved.
  4. Blake claims he knows the system better than anyone except Esiason.
  5. We don't claim to have originated it at all.
  6. It's difficult to find claims in a sentence.
  7. They claim the FDA regulates health products in the public interest.
  8. If we lose we will claim bankruptcy, Chapter 7 liquidation,
  9. One major manufacturer claims $ 750 million in sales last year.
  10. United's Red Carpet Club claims 200, 000 members.
  11. The turnaround time on claims is " phenomenal,"
  12. Most of these claims do not stand up to strict scrutiny.
  13. Both can unabashedly claim to being better shooters than their husbands.
  14. SAC has worked to keep the claims down by being safer,
  15. No one from either camp is ready to make that claim.
  16. She further claims that an artist can't be political.
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