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  1. What Powell is claiming could shake the very foundations of Christianity.
  2. Thousands of calls from bird-lovers claiming sightings poured in.
  3. Today increasingly diverse groups of Americans are claiming special abused status.
  4. Lawsuits by women claiming injury from the implants thenbegan to snowball.
  5. The divorce was messy, with both sides claiming irreconcilable differences.
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  7. Both are claiming to be the second home of the King.
  8. America is ambivalent when it comes to claiming its rural heritage.
  9. The head coach had been claiming that the wheels were squeaky.
  10. And he did it chiefly with claiming horses, his specialty.
  11. Claiming to have " run out of charisma,"
  12. Beck was arrested after claiming that the drugs belonged to her.
  13. Afterward, they were even claiming a moral victory of sorts.
  14. Later, he apologized, claiming his gesture was purely involuntary.
  15. And Sega canceled its virtual reality product, claiming health dangers.
  16. Mr . Dole belittled Clinton for claiming credit for reducing crime.
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