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  1. _Employers claiming exemptions will have to notify their employees as well as the government.
  2. BAPCPA attempted to eliminate the perceived  forum shopping by changing the rules on claiming exemptions.
  3. However, the university resisted, claiming exemption from such procedures under a papal bull of Boniface IX . As his position was at this time untenable, Prestbury resigned.
  4. The report advised making it harder for women to get an exemption from mandatory service and curbing the phenomenon of women falsely claiming exemptions on religious grounds.
  5. Yeah, we say " simple vandalism " to discourage people from labeling edits they don't like as " vandalism " and claiming exemption from the Three Revert Rule.
  6. It's difficult to find claiming exemption in a sentence.
  7. Voter registration can be used as identification when claiming homestead exemption, according to the Palm Beach County Property Appraiser's office, but claiming exemptions in two places would be a crime.
  8. Garfield gave a speech pointing out the flaws in the existing conscription law : that of 300, 000 called upon to enlist, barely 10, 000 had, the remainder claiming exemption or providing money or a substitute.
  9. Colbert sought out to levy the taille on all who should be taxed and start a review of titles of nobility in order to expose those who were claiming exemption falsely and making the tax less oppressive by a fairer distribution.
  10. The state is attempting to streamline its exemptions and the current status of works claiming exemption must be verified as conforming to the laws before being presumed to be copyright since copyright may be claimed in error for things that remain a public record nonetheless.
  11. Rawat's purchase "'of a house "-- cited to the LA Times-- by calling it " extremely poorly sourced " ( even claiming exemption from 3RR under BLP ) Msalt misses the point, the edit was " " extremely poorly sourced " because according to LA Times and scholastic sources " in 1974, the "'Divine Light Mission purchased "'the four-acre $ 500, 000 Anacapa View estate ".

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