claiming asylum in a sentence

  1. The US policy towards Jews fleeing Germany and claiming asylum was restrictive.
  2. They came to Britain, initially claiming asylum, and anglicised their name to Hilton.
  3. Now the U . S . recognizes that female mutilation can be grounds for claiming asylum.
  4. Well over 90 percent of those claiming asylum are eventually found not to be genuine refugees.
  5. This includes irregular maritime arrivals claiming asylum without passports, identity papers or valid entry visas.
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  7. Within days, hundreds of Slovak Gypsies turned up at the White Cliffs of Dover claiming asylum.
  8. Blunkett said 60 percent of asylum seekers had already been in the country some time before claiming asylum.
  9. Bakri has claimed an estimated ?50, 000 in state benefits since claiming asylum in Britain in 1986.
  10. The programme is distinct from and in addition to ordinary provisions for claiming asylum in the United Kingdom.
  11. In the 1990s there was a rapid increase in the numbers of immigration offenders claiming asylum shortly after arrest.
  12. This is one of a raft of measures that will help us to reduce the number of people claiming asylum,
  13. The legislation prevents people claiming asylum from European Union countries and from the states that are waiting to join the EU.
  14. Official figures for numbers of people claiming asylum in the UK were at a 13-year low by March 2006.
  15. Bolkus also said it could set a precedent for fertility control programs of other countries to be used as grounds for claiming asylum.
  16. U . S . officials have said they wanted to avoid changing aircraft in some other country to prevent Lindh from claiming asylum.
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