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  1. All have refused to turn over key information, citing claims of privilege.
  2. There's nothing like a claim of privilege to drive us all crazy ."
  3. The trial court found no fraud in the government's claim of privilege in 1953.
  4. The state Supreme Court is set to rule shortly on two claims of privilege.
  5. By waiving claims of privilege, the former president departed from his past practice concerning pardons.
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  7. "We're seeking only the legal arguments and legal bases for these various claims of privilege.
  8. Courts have ruled decisively against Clinton's claims of privilege for conversations with political advisers and in-house lawyers.
  9. But to the odious claim of privilege he has alleged, Gardiner and his band are manifestly not entitled.
  10. Before the Bush order, the Archivist of the United States could reject a former president's claim of privilege.
  11. "They have, in my mind, made claims of privilege that are far-fetched and should be rejected, " said Gillers.
  12. What's more, Lindblom said, an unidentified Bliley aide told an industry lawyer that Bliley would reject any claim of privilege.
  13. Whenever a claim of privilege is made, the person making the claim has the burden of showing that the privilege applies.
  14. Did they fail to conduct a review of the documents sufficient to make a good-faith claim of privilege in the first instance?
  15. Slowly but surely, we are unmasking the false claim of privilege made by those who are merely promoting generic abusive tax products,
  16. Counsel Bruce Lindsey's work-product and testimony should be of interest now that the claim of privilege has been exposed as a sham.
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