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  1. Cladograms showing alternative possible relationships within Syndermata ( or Rotifera ).
  2. Cladograms modified from Fig . 3, Lasek-Nesselquist 2012.
  3. Differentiation occurs within groups, represented as branches in the cladogram.
  4. The cladogram below follows a 2009 analysis by Zheng and colleagues.
  5. The cladogram presented here is simplified from a study by Tetlie.
  6. It's difficult to find cladogram in a sentence.
  7. The following cladogram shows the relationship between various subgenera and sections.
  8. Removal of " Asiaceratops " stabilizes the entire cladogram.
  9. The cladogram is showing the phylogenetic position of Massetognathinae within Traversodontidae.
  10. A cladogram that conforms to these requirements is a perfect phylogeny.
  11. Some studies have produced cladograms in which the Deinopoidea are paraphyletic.
  12. Some authors have challenged the phylogeny represented by the cladogram above.
  13. Below is the cladogram from Turner and Sertich ( 2010 ):
  14. Below are three alternate cladograms resulting from studies of azhdarchoid relationships.
  15. Below is a cladogram of Loricata from Nesbitt ( 2011 ):
  16. The page features a simple tree, called a cladogram.
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