cirque dreams in a sentence

  1. Neil Goldberg, Cirque Productions founder and Broadway director, was retained as president of Cirque Dreams.
  2. The park added Cirque Dreams for the 2013 season; the show was held seasonally in the Dolphin Theater area.
  3. She performed as Mother Nature in Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy at Foxwoods / MGM Casino from July 27 to September 1, 2010.
  4. This narrative style has recently become more popular with shows worldwide, with shows by companies including Cirque Dreams and Cirque Du Soleil.
  5. "' Cirque Productions "', also known as Cirque Dreams, is an American entertainment company, self-described as " the first American company combining the European cirque-style of performance artistry with American circus arts and Broadway theatrics . " Based in Pompano Beach, Florida, it was founded in 1993 by Neil Goldberg and has gone on to create elaborate stage productions for two Super Bowls, the Broadway, casinos, tours and corporate events worldwide.
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  7. From 2009 to early 2011 Muraine was involved in the " Cirque Dreams : Illumination " 2009-2010 tour of the US . He was majorly featured in segments " An Urban Beat with Robert Muraine " a short number constructed with help of choreographer Ruddy Betancourt [ " New Century Dance Company " ] and " Detour " a number in which Muraine and the Mongolian contortion group "'Contortion Sisters "'put together a'twisted & funky'mix of his dancing and the troupe's traditional contortion.
  8. Castillo went on to play the following : Mayme in the production of " Intimate Apparel ", Celeste in the first revival of " Marie Christin " e ( Off-Broadway ), Lorraine in a regional production of " All Shook Up " ( Millbrook Playhouse ), Sarah Understudy / Ensemble in " Ragtime " ( Westchester Broadway Theatre ), Deena / Michelle ( Off-Broadway ), Angel in Cirque Dreams Holidaze National Tour, and Dynamite in " Hairspray " ( Summer Theatre of New Canaan ).

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