cirque calder in a sentence

  1. Considered one of the first examples of kinetic or performance art, the " Cirque Calder " is too delicate to travel.
  2. He started making his legendary " Cirque Calder, " a miniature big top of ingeniously mechanized dolls, animals and props fashioned from scraps of wire, cork, wood and fabric.
  3. In 1926, after a stint spent making toys at the request of a Serbian toy merchant in Paris, Calder began creating his " Cirque Calder ", a miniature, movable circus that uses movable wire models of various circus performers, like sword eaters and lion tamers.
  4. Alexander Calder ( 1898 1976 ), an American sculptor, greatly developed the use of wire as a medium for sculpture with his kinetic and movement based " Cirque Calder ", as well as pieces such as " Two Acrobats ", " Romulus and Remus ", and " Hercules and Lion ".
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