circumstances in a sentence

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  1. Cuomo has not said what he would do under those circumstances.
  2. Think back to the circumstances prevailing when that election took place,
  3. Even in such dire circumstances, Chen's personality sparkled.
  4. California brown bears do not attack humans except under extreme circumstances.
  5. What are the circumstances of the discovery that fuels this theory?
  6. It's difficult to find circumstances in a sentence.
  7. But under those circumstances, today, they are indeed used.
  8. In regard to public confidence, there is another troubling circumstance.
  9. We expected him to rise to the circumstances within that reality.
  10. The episode may not mean much beyond its own peculiar circumstances.
  11. But only 91 said they could not serve under any circumstances.
  12. North opposes abortion except in certain extreme circumstances such as rape.
  13. Hicks thought he would have seen more action under different circumstances.
  14. These are unique cases that have to rely on specific circumstances.
  15. Jack refused to explain the circumstances of Billy's departure.
  16. Given the right circumstances, the committee can strangle foreign policy.
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