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  1. In contrast to Bond, Whelan circumspectly keeps Shakespeare just offstage.
  2. But after MGR became Chief Minister the producers again circumvented Nagesh circumspectly.
  3. Used sparingly and circumspectly, the violence imparts horror.
  4. Nadelmann said circumspectly, and the last-minute money from Soros and others came through.
  5. Henry, circumspectly steered their business through the French Wars and the dissolution of Spanish colonial interests.
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  7. Warner is still saddled with trying to explain what happened, and prefers to talk about it circumspectly.
  8. But Cecil's fate was to talk to the media, and that he did, a bit circumspectly.
  9. You hope courts will deal with the power this gives them circumspectly . . . to protect basic human liberty,
  10. You can abuse the power given to you or you can use it very circumspectly within the spirit of the law,
  11. But almost everyone interviewed acknowledged, however circumspectly, that concern had existed for years that Moore was dealing with a substance-abuse problem.
  12. The incident, around which bad feelings still linger, provides a circumspectly told cautionary tale at the beginning of Advisory Commission's report.
  13. With the arrival of democratic rule the legacy of Primo de Rivera and the cult of personality created by the dictatorship started to wane circumspectly.
  14. The real point, however, is that by the time he flew to Iraq to seal the deal, Clinton was also circumspectly cheering him on.
  15. Many in this predominately Roman Catholic nation then go to church, presumably to repent the sins committed during Carnival and to promise to live more circumspectly.
  16. After being pressed about his relationship with Levy, Giuliani answered circumspectly, saying, " I think we have a very constructive relationship ."
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