circumspect in a sentence

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  1. Yet he has proved extremely circumspect even when discussing university issues.
  2. Said Brinner, " She was very circumspect ."
  3. He should have been more circumspect, and he normally is.
  4. Energy officials, however, are trying to remain more circumspect.
  5. Mrs . McCarthy was somewhat more circumspect about what awaits her.
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  7. He was Ray Bourque, a circumspect man unfamiliar with confrontation.
  8. Cardenas has been circumspect about what exactly he intends to do.
  9. His friend, Bill Meyer, also 50, was circumspect.
  10. Martin vowed the company would be more circumspect in the future.
  11. The Fashion Institute of Technology is similarly circumspect about its future.
  12. Players have to be circumspect and careful who they hang with.
  13. He beams as he rides the circumspect mosh pit of fans.
  14. With Chelsea, nearly everyone but Rush Limbaugh was more circumspect.
  15. He said " other carriers appear to be more circumspect.
  16. The common people of Afghanistan are often circumspect with their opinions.
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