circumference in a sentence

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  1. The magnets occupy an underground tunnel nearly four miles in circumference.
  2. Cloudless skies invited a walk on the graveled milelong circumference trail.
  3. The full circle that McDonald has come had considerably greater circumference.
  4. Assuming the earth is spherical, its circumference spans 360 degrees.
  5. The tree was 8-foot in circumference at its base.
  6. It's difficult to find circumference in a sentence.
  7. Neither head nor abdomen circumference were linked to later blood pressure.
  8. The perimeter of a circle or ellipse is called its circumference.
  9. The vase is about 25 centimetres high and 56 in circumference.
  10. It is in circumference, with a total surface area of.
  11. Trunk circumferences are measured at breast height, above the ground.
  12. Hungo Pavi, located from Una Vida, measured in circumference.
  13. Lake Manasarovar is relatively round in shape with the circumference of.
  14. The two sizes are differentiated by chest circumference rather than weight.
  15. It has 0.25081km2 land area and 6 km circumference.
  16. The crater at the summit is in circumference and easily defended.
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