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  1. The flag outside CIA headquarters at suburban McLean, Virginia, flew at half-staff.
  2. The flag outside CIA headquarters in McLean, Va ., flew at half-staff.
  3. CIA headquarters orders him to send her back to the United States.
  4. A second involved crashing an airplane into CIA headquarters outside of Washington.
  5. Tenet announced his death to CIA headquarters in McLean, Virginia, on Thursday.
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  7. CIA headquarters cabled Tehran urging Roosevelt, the station chief, to leave immediately.
  8. Back at CIA headquarters in Virginia, Ted Conklin ( " American Beauty's"
  9. Deutch said in an interview at CIA headquarters in Langley, Va.
  10. The money came directly from CIA headquarters, with offers of more funding available.
  11. One plan including crashing a hijacked airplane into CIA headquarters outside of Washington.
  12. CIA headquarters, 11 a . m . ( See : TNI EXE CIA)
  13. Ronald Reagan got his airport and now George Bush has his CIA headquarters.
  14. Ramzi Yousef had planned to do this against the CIA headquarters . ..
  15. It now resides at the private museum at CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia.
  16. Moses telephones CIA Headquarters and is put through to Kane.
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