chronicle live in a sentence

  1. Sports Talk Live ( replacing Chronicle Live ).
  2. In Matuszak s Nelson Point : Portrait of a Northern Gold Rush Town, he chronicles living conditions during the California Gold Rush.
  3. ""'Chronicle Live " "'is a television sports talk show that airs on Comcast Sportsnet California.
  4. He is best known as the radio play-by-play caller for the Raiders and the host of Chronicle Live on CSN Bay Area.
  5. c . 2002 SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE LIVE OAK, Calif . _ This small community _ full of peach orchards and plain speakers _ didn't plan on falling in love with a prison.
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  7. His season was stalled in May when he contracted Valley Fever and lost approximately 35 pounds during the illness ( per his interview on Chronicle Live 6 / 21 / 10 ) . " I'm tired.
  8. Writing for " Chronicle Live " in 2014, Gordon Barr said the performance she gave on the tour was a " polished " one he has seldom seen at the many other gigs he has been to.
  9. In moving testimony before the World Court, Lijon Eknilang, 48, chronicled lives ravaged by the atomic radiation that covered her island and people from the 66 American bomb tests that ran from 1946 to 1958 over Bikini and Enewetak atolls.
  10. But Cohen, 42, has not rested on his earlier reputation as an aggressive rap and hip-hop promoter who got his start alongside Simmons managing black urban rappers who were then chronicling lives of crime, drugs and aggressive sex in verse.
  11. In a moving testimony before the World Court, Lijon Eknilang, now 48, chronicled lives ravaged by the atomic radiation that covered her island and people from the 66 American bomb tests that ran from 1946-1958 over Bikini and Enewetak atolls.
  12. Now ESPN faces a new test : as the countdown heads to No . 1, it will be fascinating to see how well-chronicled lives like Muhammad Ali's, Babe Ruth's and Michael Jordan's can be freshened up.
  13. _" The Golden Road ( 1965-1973 ) " _ The Grateful Dead ( Rhino ) _ The San Francisco-based jam band that brought the blues and'60s psychedelic culture together is one of the most chronicled live outfits in the world.
  14. The film chronicles live performances, candid moments of their lives at work and on the road, and the controversy at the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival, an all women's music festival, that landed them in a quagmire of protest and praise from a fiercely divided crowd.
  15. The video also featured the singer as a femme fatale, as well as a cute girl, reminiscent to her career beginnings . " Lewis Corner from Digital Spy listed it as one of Minogue's most surprising transformations, and also on a similar list by Simon Duke at Chronicle Live.
  16. Emma Kay of the " Chronicle Live " see started the review off by saying The Saturdays fans " just can't get enough ", she then went on to say, A sell-out crowd packed Newcastle City Hall to see the girl band strut their stuff  and boy did they deliver!
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