chronicle for higher education in a sentence

  1. It was featured in the " Chronicle for Higher Education ".
  2. He has spoken at several conferences, symposia and workshops on eLearning and is published in The Chronicle for Higher Education, Campus Technology, 21st century Classroom and others.
  3. John Ridings Lee, the company's executive, said the company is meeting with other colleges to establish similar programs, according to " The Chronicle for Higher Education ."
  4. In a recent article for the Chronicle for Higher Education, she challenged fellow college presidents to do more than court the elite, but also to create programs for " underserved " students.
  5. Stowe told the Chronicle for Higher Education that the survey courses praised in the report " tend to be superficial samples "-- Beowulf to Thomas Pynchon in two semesters, he said.
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  7. According to The Chronicle for Higher Education, Chace recently asked the American Jewish Committee last month to revise the statement to make it " more symmetrical " for all groups that are targets of intimidation.
  8. Most recently, The Chronicle for Higher Education has cited Florez's efforts to investigate whether publicly funded schools in California are complying with Federal Title IX requirements to provide equal opportunities for male and female students in athletics and education.
  9. According to the Chronicle for Higher Education, James M . Caruthers, a professor of chemical engineering at Purdue University, data from Big Science is highly organized on the front end where researchers define it before it even starts rolling off the machines, making it easier to handle, understand, and archive.
  10. In a " Chronicle for Higher Education " article, Beth Harris is quoted on the ambitions and goals of Smarthistory : " We really just wanted to re-embed the objects in our world ", says Harris, who is the founder and executive editor of Smarthistory as well as the director of digital learning at a New York City museum . " We thought that that would make them more relevant and more engaging for students ."
  11. In another post on the Chronicle for Higher Education's site a writer using the name nomoskedasticity exhorts someone to " badger some reporters ! " for coverage of a plagiarism allegation so that the news coverage could be the source of a Wikipedia page . ( " UMass Plaigarist makes $ 166k / year " Chronicle, March 15, 2013 . ) This exhortation basically is an attempt to use a newspaper to " launder " original research so that it could be cited in a subsequent Wikipedia listing.

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