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  1. "Nothing happened until Christmas, " he said.
  2. Performa was the top-selling home computer line last Christmas.
  3. "Nell " is due for a Christmas release.
  4. It's Christmas, isn't it ?"
  5. It would make a great Christmas gift for your favorite hacker.
  6. It's difficult to find christmas in a sentence.
  7. Halloween business is huge, second only to Christmas in sales.
  8. And at Christmas, Santa Claus sits for lines of children.
  9. And, for him, it was never really Christmas again.
  10. It was neither Thanksgiving, Christmas nor someone's birthday.
  11. He was ordered from the 1971 Neiman-Marcus Christmas catalog.
  12. "It'll be an interesting Christmas,"
  13. We had our Christmas presents from home packed in our bags.
  14. It wouldn't be Christmas without a book on quilting!
  15. Christmas will come a little early this year at Media Solutions.
  16. -- Broaden the holiday to include days other than Christmas.
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