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  1. They are known as Christmas beetles because they are abundant in both urban and rural areas close to Christmas.
  2. The Christmas beetle has a life span of 24 months and it grows up to 20 mm in length.
  3. The green Christmas beetle was described by Francis de Laporte de Castelnau in 1840 as " Paranonca prasina ".
  4. Insects, such as psyllids and Christmas beetles from the genus " lerp forming psyllid " Glycaspis siliciflava " eats only this species.
  5. Vegetation in regions infested with Christmas beetle larvae withers and yellows; this is a common cause of dead or yellow patches seen in suburban Australian lawns.
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  7. As its name suggests, the golden-brown Christmas beetle is a yellow-or biscuit-brown with a green or gold-red sheen.
  8. Christmas beetles are large ( 20-30 mm long ) members of the scarab family that are noisy and clumsy fliers, similar to the cockchafers of Europe.
  9. The King Christmas beetle was described in 1817 as " Rutela caesarea " by Gustaf Johan Billberg and " R . latreillei " by Leonard Gyllenhaal.
  10. Adults are common in the summer months, particularly around Christmas, resulting in the common name of Christmas beetle for the species ( and also for other members of its genus ).
  11. Fieldwork in Coffs Harbour showed that brown Christmas beetle generally fed on leaves of intermediate age, avoiding new growth and old leaves, and trees of 2.5 m height and taller.
  12. The genus includes 35 species, several of which have been implicated in dieback of eucalypts . " Anoplognathus pallidicollis " is the species most commonly observed and associated with the name of Christmas beetle.
  13. However, they occasionally feed in trees Australian ravens forage eucalypt foliage for Christmas beetles ( " Anoplognathus " ), and devote a substantial amount of time to look for nests and eggs to eat.
  14. Like many of its relatives, the brown Christmas beetle has large strong jaws capable of chewing tough eucalypt leaves to the point of defoliating stands of trees, which can impact on plantations . and New South Wales.
  15. Lots of species vanishing from regions due loss of habitat-- tell us why it's called Christmas beetle, or King, or that it used to overwhelm the trees and drown in Sydney Harbor in the 1920s NE Ent 15 : 56, 21 December 2015 ( UTC)

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