christmas battles in a sentence

  1. So, the union has won its pre-Christmas battles so far.
  2. Winter said it was likely many firefighters would spend Christmas battling blazes near the small towns, especially if the fires jump containment lines.
  3. The " Christmas Battle " was hailed as a great victory back in Italy, though the division likely would have fallen without German support.
  4. He received all classes of the Order of L plsis for his valor in the Christmas Battles, and for participation in almost all the rifleman's operations on the Riga front.
  5. :: : Yes, the Christmas Battle does indeed refer to the minor Russian counter-offensive in Courland in the early weeks of 1917, one of the last prior to the February Revolution.
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  7. Rieksts was a renown photographer, mostly for the documentation of the fights during World War I in Latvia, especially the fierce fights of Machinegun Hill ( ) during the Christmas Battles, but also for the many portrait photographs of Latvian dignitairies ( amongst them people like Rainis, Aspazija and Em + ls DrziFa ).

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