chemical weapon in a sentence

"chemical weapon" meaning  "chemical weapon" in Chinese  
  1. The United States is attacking suspected chemical weapon sites in Guinea.
  2. About 20 nations in all are thought to have chemical weapons.
  3. He said there had been no chemical weapons at the storage.
  4. Member countries are subject to regular inspections of chemical weapons stockpiles.
  5. He also advised the Army on how to destroy chemical weapons.
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  7. We will not tolerate leftover chemical weapons killing the Chinese people.
  8. Chemical weapons are easy to oppose when the villain is Iraq.
  9. Thousands of tons of chemical weapons agents are still unaccounted for.
  10. An invasion could subject American soldiers to biological and chemical weapons.
  11. And there hav bo detect chemical weapons before they are released.
  12. The military voiced concern that the rebels might obtain chemical weapons.
  13. The Foreign Report said the facility made biological and chemical weapons.
  14. Member countries are subjected to regular inspections of chemical weapons stockpiles.
  15. Some specialists believe the Iraqis retain chemical weapons from earlier years.
  16. Both were charged with conspiracy to develop and produce chemical weapons.
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