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  1. In June 2014 CharterHouse Group sold its interest in TierPoint, a data center service provider.
  2. Halpern also is Charterhouse Group International's chairman.
  3. An affiliate of Charterhouse Group International Inc ., an investment banking company based in New York, owns another 49.9 percent.
  4. Gump's was sold to publisher Crowell Collier, which after further mergers became the media giant Tobu Department Store, and the Charterhouse Group.
  5. An affiliate of Charterhouse Group International Inc ., an investment banking company based in New York, owns another 49 . 9 percent.
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  7. In May 1986, Tilney was taken over by the Charterhouse Group, resulting in Charterhouse Tilney, the ultimate parent being The Royal Bank of Scotland.
  8. In 2012 Bloomberg reported that CharterHouse Group had called off fundraising for new fund pools to focus on " deal by deal " investments.
  9. Wham-O, a toy company formed to acquire and reinvigorate classic toy brands, is majority owned by the closely held investment firm Charterhouse Group International Inc.
  10. New Rio is controlled by Charterhouse Group International Inc ., whose executive officers are Designer Holdings Chairman Merril M . Halpern and A . Lawrence Fagan.
  11. That was the year a group of investors led by the New York-based Charterhouse Group bought the toy maker from Mattel Inc . for about $ 20 million.
  12. United Road Services Inc . said Friday that Charterhouse Group International Inc . will invest $ 75 million in the towing concern, acquiring a 25 percent stake in the rapidly growing company.
  13. The new partnership numbered ten and Sefton House became its home until, as part of the Charterhouse Group, it moved in August 1988 to grand new offices in the Royal Liver Building.
  14. In July 2013, TPG announced it would buy global education publisher TSL Education ( now called TES Global, publishers of TES magazine ) from Charterhouse Group for a fee of around $ 600 million.
  15. Charter is a privately owned cable operator founded by Barry L . Babcock, Jerald L . Kent and Howard L . Wood, along with the investors Ed Gaylord of Gaylord Entertainment Co ., Charterhouse Group International and Kelso & Co.
  16. Sage's money comes mostly from a venture fund managed by a New York investment bank, Charterhouse Group International Inc . Patricia Riley, managing director, says Charterhouse has " well over $ 40 million in pure equity " committed to Sage.
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