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  1. Skuld is also a leading provider of charterers'liability insurance.
  2. Skuld also provides shipowners and charterers with additional types of cover.
  3. The freight is lost unless the charterers choose to go on.
  4. They were not to write slanted or sloppy charterers.
  5. Their Lordships held that the delays by the charterers were not a fundamental breach.
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  7. The same, no doubt, would have been held as to the charterers.
  8. The ship is employed, within certain limits, according to needs of the charterers.
  9. The charterers gave notice cancelling the charter.
  10. Budgeting and cost control, introduced in 1963, ensured that charterers were only quoted profitable rates.
  11. Vessels are inspected by classification societies, and even charterers and others are carrying out inspections as well.
  12. Charterers, the end users of the ships, include oil majors, industrial consumers and specialist chemical companies.
  13. In Worldscale negotiations, operators and charterers will determine a price based on a percentage of the Worldscale rate.
  14. There is always a packed programme of races for both Charterers and Club Members throughout the April to October period.
  15. The effect of the clause is that by the charterers shipping a full cargo, they fulfill all their obligations.
  16. They have published textbooks for beginners, coastal cruising sailors, bareboat charterers and those looking to buy or charter cruising catamarans.
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