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  1. It is primarily known as an owner and charterer of ships.
  2. The bare-boat charterer is sometimes called a " disponent owner ".
  3. To which the charterer might reply :  well I know that already!
  4. The charterer has no cause of action, but is released from the charter.
  5. Nakilat was also awarded an additional Q-Max vessel by RasGas 3 charterer.
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  7. In 1984, he bought Executive Jet, a perennially unprofitable charterer of private jets.
  8. This would include the captain, the owner, operator and the charterer of a ship.
  9. In a voyage charter, the charterer rents the vessel from the loading port to the discharge port.
  10. A charter party is the contract between the owner of a vessel and the charterer for the use of a vessel.
  11. Time charter arrangements specify a daily rate, and port costs and voyage expenses are also generally paid by the charterer.
  12. However, the trial judge found that this breach was not substantial enough to entitle the charterer to repudiate the contract.
  13. The company makes sure that the charterer has " experience in a similar-size boat in a similar setting,"
  14. In a time charter, the vessel is hired for a set period of time, to perform voyages as the charterer directs.
  15. The NOR informs the charterer that the ship has arrived at the port and is ready in all respects to load or discharge.
  16. Under the terms of some charters, the ship's funnel would be repainted from LOF colours to those of the charterer.
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