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  1. Acquired in 1812, " Active " was possibly a chartered vessel.
  2. The chartered vessels had to be adapted for their new role.
  3. A chartered vessel from steam-brig " Sibir " to pick up the catch there.
  4. Until 1969 the only way to visit was on a private or chartered vessel.
  5. The market continued to be depressed, and the group had losses on the chartered vessels.
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  7. The " Forty-Nine " was the first chartered vessel to serve on this portion of the Columbia.
  8. The ship was not a Shell-chartered vessel.
  9. The catch at the end of the season was shipped to Honolulu or San Francisco by a chartered vessel.
  10. The largest fishing vessels, the deep-sea carriers ( with lengths of 90 105 m ), are mostly chartered vessels.
  11. It also has announced that it will phase out foreign chartered vessels operating in the country by the year 2000.
  12. "We aim for the highest safety standards for all our chartered vessels, foreign or U . S ., " she said.
  13. Hunter and some of his men returned to England aboard the chartered vessel " Waakzaamheid " after a long and arduous voyage.
  14. In 1961 ASN started offering container services from Preston to various ports across the Irish Sea using a number of chartered vessels.
  15. It was decided that the excursions for which she was used would instead be undertaken by a chartered vessel, the " St Seiriol ".
  16. In December 1839, again using a chartered vessel, the " Hero " under Captain Glenelg River but found no sites suitable for the Association's purposes.
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