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  1. As a result, charter-school laws have been spreading.
  2. But charter advocates would like to see more evidence of innovation.
  3. And most charter boats have geared their business to salmon fishermen.
  4. The Dodgers boarded their charter flight Thursday evening, destination unknown.
  5. Even advocates say elitism is a potential peril of charter schools.
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  7. Under our charter we can also conduct investigations for the governor.
  8. Day charters for one to three anglers run about $ 400.
  9. And here we are dealing with the charter of basic liberties.
  10. School districts could allow charter schools that reflect parents'values.
  11. It sent him to the team charter feeling like a winner.
  12. Aeropostale and Charter Club are Federated's only specialty chains.
  13. Businesses are also showing their enthusiasm for the charter school concept.
  14. That would be a shame, according to charter school supporters.
  15. But the board was eliminated in the 1989 City Charter revision.
  16. I think charter schools are an important innovation in this state,
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