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  1. Charter rates tumbled, and shipowners like Orient Overseas struggled to repay their debt.
  2. Several doubt that charter rates will rise significantly for a number of years.
  3. Blum, 29, remembers how surreal it felt, calling to inquire about charter rates.
  4. Costs rose while charter rates declines, making it impossible to run with a profit.
  5. Charter Rates : dlrs 125 for 90 minutes, dlrs 50 each additional 30 minutes.
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  7. After all, lose some bait and you can chalk it up to the charter rate.
  8. A recent posting suggested a boink on a cruise ship, and even posted charter rates for sailing vessels.
  9. J-Class Management's Web site said the charter rates do not include food, beverages, fuel, dockage and local taxes.
  10. Note that charter rates are higher for overnight stays _ $ 55 for adults; $ 45 for children.
  11. This was an unexpectedly large amount and fortunately the subsequent 1956 Suez Crisis resulted in charter rates increasingly substantially.
  12. Charter rates are quoted case by case, and the company would not discuss prices for specific cargo like the tree.
  13. Lloyd International's first two years of operations were unprofitable, mainly as a result of uneconomic charter rates caused by excess capacity.
  14. A proposed corporate jet rule would require politicians to pay the comparable charter rate when they use executive planes for campaigning, Shays said.
  15. Rather than pay the companies the comparable charter rate, candidates instead are allowed to pay what a coach-class airline ticket would have cost.
  16. "Along with other commercial constraints, low charter rates and freight rates add to pressure for ship owners to cut costs, " the report said.
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