charter plc in a sentence

  1. Lincoln Electric Holdings Inc . has called off its $ 570 million acquisition of Charter PLC in London.
  2. Earnings expected : Charter Plc, Generale de Banque SA, Holderbank Financiere Glarus AG . Wednesday, Sept . 10
  3. Other publicly traded U . K . companies with an exposure to asbestos liabilities include Charter Plc, which owns a 65.3 percent stake in asbestos-maker Cape Plc.
  4. -- Charter Plc ( CHTR LN ) was raised to medium-term " accumulate " from " neutral " by analyst Andrew Mitchell at Merrill Lynch & Co.
  5. In 1993 Charter Consolidated Ltd changed its name to Charter plc, and in 2008 to Charter Limited, which is incorporated in England and Wales, Company Number 02794949 . The British South Africa Company still exists, and is registered as a non-trading business incorporated in England and Wales, Company Number ZC000011.
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  7. _ESAB Welding and Cutting Products, Florence, S . C ., a unit of Charter PLC, to Sawyer Riley Compton, Atlanta, to handle its account, which had been at Hodges & Associates, Fayetteville, N . C ., and the Vandine Group, Pittsburgh, a subsidiary of Hallmark-Tassone Inc . Billings were estimated at more than $ 2 million.

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