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  1. Hundreds remain in service throughout the world as cargo and charter planes.
  2. Private and government charter planes and choppers usually land at the airport.
  3. Two packed charter planes are scheduled to depart from Los Angeles tonight.
  4. And most countries continued flying charter planes into Indonesia to evacuate their citizens.
  5. A second charter plane from Sky Limo was already headed to North Eleuthera.
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  7. Also, there was an unsuccessful attempt to shoot down an Israeli charter plane.
  8. People charter planes or canoes to reach villages in the interior.
  9. Candidates often charter planes to follow electoral teams across the Outback.
  10. On December 10, his charter plane crashed into Lake Monona, outside Madison, Wisconsin.
  11. A team charter plane will be used for road trips starting next month.
  12. A charter plane flew 240 Gypsies, including their children, to Romania, from Lyon.
  13. Finley said last night by telephone aboard the team charter plane.
  14. Saturday morning, several small charter planes arrived with journalists from Miami and Puerto Rico.
  15. A charter plane in Angola crashes into a remote jungle, killing all 48 aboard.
  16. Texas A & M officials said the school rotates between commercial and charter planes.
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