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  1. The charter market fell 5.6 percent in October, slower than earlier declines.
  2. Since FOF focused exclusively on the passenger and freight charter market.
  3. And Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday are hot days in the charter market.
  4. The charter market fell 5 . 6 percent in October, slower than earlier declines.
  5. Maersk instead chose to target the inclusive tours charter market.
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  7. The flight would have cost at least $ 4, 000 on the charter market.
  8. Also during 2014, Flexjet prepared to exit the charter market.
  9. The airline focuses on the medium-long haul charter market.
  10. It might take time to woo back leisure travelers and the charter market, he said.
  11. TUI will focus on serving the charter market with 21 aircraft of the remaining fleet.
  12. With the acquisition, SLC now will control 43 percent of the Nordic charter market, Thuesen said.
  13. Since April 2001, Sun d'Or had grown to become a significant player in the Israeli charter market.
  14. The initials stood for "'Comcast Sports Southeast "'in Comcast markets and "'Charter Sports Southeast "'in Charter markets.
  15. But it went into the red in the last four months, when the charter market traditionally declines.
  16. The company filed for bankruptcy following the demise of the charter market after the 1973 oil crisis.
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