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  1. In February 2000, Rampton Hospital was awarded a Charter Mark award.
  2. The school received a second Charter Mark Award in 1998.
  3. The school is currently working towards gaining the Charter Mark Award for Excellence.
  4. Practitioners of Charter Magic have a Charter Mark drawn on their forehead at birth.
  5. The school was awarded the Charter Mark in September 2007, for excellence in customer service.
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  7. In 2000, Dormston School was credited with the Charter Mark in recognition of its excellent standards.
  8. It also has a Charter Mark for services to the community and is a City Learning Centre.
  9. Grendon Prison has a visits centre, which has been awarded a Charter Mark for its facilities.
  10. She gave Nicholas a " late " baptism of a Charter Mark and preserved his spirit in Death.
  11. The school has been awarded with the Charter Mark, Investors in People and the School Achievement Award.
  12. It is also the first school in Inverclyde to receive Charter Mark status, for providing outstanding customer service.
  13. In 1995, a Charter Mark was awarded to the Arboretum for excellence and diversity in the services it offered.
  14. In the process of doing so, Clariel corrupts her Charter Mark ( the source of her own power ).
  15. Applications for Charter Marks were officially closed on 30 June 2008, with the official final validity date becoming 30 June 2011.
  16. The Charter marks the end of the final phase before APM completes the transition to a full Chartered body in April 2017.
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