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  1. In February 2011, Sauvage participated in the Charter Hall Malabar Magic Ocean Swim.
  2. He spent the rest of the war as a radio navigator instructor at RAF Charter Hall.
  3. In 2008, he was awarded a Honorary Doctorate in Divinity among other 17 beneficiaries at the Charter hall in Nairobi.
  4. At downtown Nairobi's Charter Hall, 101 of 332 ballot boxes had been sliced open with a kitchen knife and tallied by Wednesday morning.
  5. At downtown Nairobi's Charter Hall, 150 of 333 ballot boxes had been sliced open with a kitchen knife and tallied by Wednesday evening.
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  7. Mara ( New York Giants, 1966-present ), the son of charter Hall of Fame member Tim Mara, could make it the first father-son team inducted.
  8. At Nairobi's Charter Hall, the contents of only 150 of 333 ballot boxes had been counted by 6 p . m . ( 1500gmt ) Wednesday.
  9. On 12 May 2007 at Charter Hall in Nairobi, Kenya Conjestina won by a second round KO over Jalala Salum in a scheduled eight round bout.
  10. Bateau Bay Square ( formerly known as "'Stockland Bay Village "'and "'Bay Village "') is a shopping centre which was opened in January 1985 and is operated by Charter Hall.
  11. Gandel also owns significant stakes in listed property companies, besides the stake in Novion, worth about A $ 800 million, and a 15 per cent stake in Sydney-based property group, Charter Hall, in which he invested A $ 151 million.

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