charter fair in a sentence

  1. The village holds a Charter fair in August each year.
  2. The town holds an annual Charter Fair.
  3. Records of Cheam Charter Fair date back to the 1800s when a fairground accompanied the market.
  4. The two fairs were combined in 1888 and the one Charter Fair has been held in October ever since.
  5. The period also saw the development of charter fairs in England, which reached their heyday in the 13th century.
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  7. This is celebrated every year with the town's Charter fair, when the high street is closed and the townspeople congregate in commemoration.
  8. Other fairs will have been granted a royal charter to cement their importance and secure their future, and these are known as Charter fairs.
  9. "' Summercourt fair "'is a Charter fair held annually in Summercourt, a village five miles ( 8 km ) south-east of Newquay in Cornwall, United Kingdom.
  10. By the early 18th century the main aspect of these Scottish charter fairs had diminished and shifted to that of amusement with the advent of technology, and had evolved into the modern day travelling fairs.
  11. The present fair developed from two separate fairs, as another'agricultural hiring fair'or'Statutes Fair'was traditionally held on Wakes week in October as well as the original Charter Fair which was held on the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary ( 15 August ).

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