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  1. The passengers argued that their " charter contract was to Tripoli,"
  2. Bradbury immediately travelled to London in search of charter contracts.
  3. Its current annual charter contract is worth $ 111 million.
  4. In addition to DHL, Southern Air flies charter contracts for Lufthansa Cargo, United States Department of Defense.
  5. Without long term charter contracts, the five vessels are exposed to uncertain profit contributions in the future.
  6. It's difficult to find charter contracts in a sentence.
  7. The airline started negotiating a charter contract agreement with the Danish tour operator Spies Rejser in July 1970.
  8. 1957 was also the year Airwork acquired control of charter contract with the Gold Coast Chamber of Mines.
  9. Under the 10-year charter contract signed yesterday, Pertamina will use the 3, 500-dead weight ton ( dwt ) Mt.
  10. "' Waterman Steamship Corporation "'is an American deep sea ocean carrier, specializing in liner services and time charter contracts.
  11. But there shouldn't be a drastic change in MISC's earnings even if thenew charter contracts aren't as lucrative as before.
  12. School districts are supposed to ensure that charters live up to the fiscal and academic promises of their charter contracts.
  13. The council deferred the decision until Thursday, too late for the plane to take off under the aid group's charter contract.
  14. A major charter contract was signed with oil company Ameco in 1980 to fly its employees from Bergen and Stavanger to Aberdeen Airport.
  15. A competitor named Faber ( Henry Victor ) wants to get the lucrative gold mine charter contract and conspires to make Charlie look bad.
  16. Dragonfleye is still open, but faces a hearing before the state Board of Education to determine whether it is following its original charter contract.
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