charter cities in a sentence

  1. Sacramento is the only charter city that presently hosts a PCL team.
  2. For example, many charter cities use alternative forms of property taxation.
  3. Los Angeles is a charter city as opposed to a general law city.
  4. The city became a charter city in November 1992.
  5. Alamogordo is a charter city with a council-manager form of government.
  6. It's difficult to find charter cities in a sentence.
  7. Kandy is a charter city, with a Mayor Council form of government.
  8. Romer proposes founding many new charter cities on the coasts of developing countries.
  9. The City of Chico is a charter city and has a council manager government.
  10. Being a charter city meant that city officials were exempt from state salary caps.
  11. Sheridan is a home rule charter city, with a mayor-council government.
  12. This makes it clear that Article XIII D applies to charter cities in California.
  13. Burbank is a charter city which operates under a council-manager form of government.
  14. On January 2, 1960, Vandalia became a Charter City of the State of Ohio.
  15. The range of what is considered a " charter city " may lead to definitional ambiguities.
  16. Since 1909, Michigan law has provided that all cities are charter cities with home rule.
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