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  1. Three charter buses deposited members of Congress at the North Portico.
  2. Thousands of casino customers use charter buses to get to the gambling resort.
  3. He rides in a charter bus painted to look like a school bus.
  4. They came by plane, by train, and by cut-rate charter bus.
  5. Sam King has been driving a casino-bound charter bus for about a year.
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  7. And tourists kept coming Monday on regularly scheduled charter bus stops.
  8. Torres said in a brief interview before boarding a charter bus.
  9. Charter buses from upstate New York and Pennsylvania arrived regularly with tour groups.
  10. Up to 30 charter buses, many from Atlanta, would jam the parking lot.
  11. Charter buses roll in by the dozens, lining the avenues.
  12. They toured in a 42-foot 1976 MC8 Charter bus that runs on vegetable oil.
  13. The mourners had come by charter bus to this rocky promontory overlooking the sea.
  14. Some charter bus and limousine companies also have talked of doubling rates, Patterson said.
  15. Charter buses unload streams of tourists who set out trolling for pre-theater lunch deals.
  16. And some big groups charter buses out of New York.
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