charter a plane in a sentence

"charter a plane" in Chinese  
  1. With phone lines to the hotel down, Tony charters a plane.
  2. He said the government would charter a plane Sunday if necessary.
  3. The best option that a visitor should consider is to charter a plane.
  4. In Miami, church officials are planning to charter a plane.
  5. If he doesn't deliver, he might as well charter a plane for the Seychelles.
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  7. They charter a plane to look for Valerie's wreckage, hoping that she might have survived.
  8. He said the United States would charter a plane to transport the spy plane back.
  9. Desperate enough to promise to charter a plane to bring the torch there for a few hours.
  10. He decided to shift from the planned naval expedition to aerial ones, and arranged to charter a plane.
  11. To celebrate her survival, Sarah charters a plane ride over upstate New York to view the fall foliage.
  12. If you have the funds, you can charter a plane to North Platte _ or fly your own.
  13. In going out to the Island we would have to charter a plane or get stuck in traffic,
  14. Kizito, who lives in Kenya but frequently charters a plane to the Nuba mountains, visited the village three weeks later.
  15. It may be more expensive to charter a plane, but Arkansas coach Nolan Richardson said that should not be an issue.
  16. Cannon, once again in control of himself, meets up with his former assistant, Akiko, and they charter a plane to Japan.
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