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  1. In December 1976 Bergmann took part in the founding of the Charter 77 movement.
  2. The Charter 77 movement had the motto " Truth prevails for those who live in truth ".
  3. Pressure for political change continued from activists representing, for example, the Roman Catholic Church and the Charter 77 movement.
  4. Some of his fellow activists in the Charter 77 movement, including the current Czech president, Vaclav Havel, rose to top political positions.
  5. In the year of publication and broadcast the Charter 77 movement in Czechoslovakia presented the government with a formal protest against its violations of the Helsinki Accords.
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  7. After 30 years, many of those from both Czechoslovakia and the UK who were personally involved in the Charter 77 movement and helped to gain international support and to draw attention to the petition gathered on 29 March 2007 at the Orange Tree Theatre in Richmond, London, to look back and share their experience and memories of one of the little-known but most significant events of modern European history.

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